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25th-Oct-2008 10:29 pm - Help us Save Rhodey!!!
IM - Pep dance big smile

With the help of my friend, I started up a website campaign devoted to brining back Terrence Howard as James Rhodes. Its all about sending in letters and fun pictures to promote our love for this actor and his character. I invite everyone to to take a look and spread the word in any way that you can!



The Elephant Project is an organization to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association, which I started after my grandfather passed away from Alzheimer's disease. There is a phrase that says "elephants never forget," and in the fight against Alzheimer's disease, we are striving for those affected by the disease to "never forget." I have worked hard to get well-known celebrities to pose with an elephant beanie baby and sign a special Elephant Project card, which are then auctioned off to raise money to fight Alzheimer's disease. Each auction package comes with an 8x10 picture of the celebrity and the elephant, a signed card from that celebrity, and an elephant beanie baby. Such celebrities as Zac Efron, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Julie Andrews, and MANY more have participated in the project. Currently, over $11,500 has been raised for Alzheimer's care, research and support!


Terrence participated in the Elephant Project and his auction is currently on eBay! Go to http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=190238884911&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=009 to bid.

21st-Jul-2008 11:54 pm - inquiry!
EALY ;; beautiful smile
I'm looking to appoint a new moderator for this community. I'm trying to cut back on all the communities I manage and this one made the loop. I'm not updating this community quite like I should and if anyone would like to take the torch, please don't hesitate to send me a message and let me know.

Thanks guys!
11th-Jul-2008 07:39 am - Love Makes You Beautiful...
[default] ;; and i love you
For all the Terrence Howard Music Lovers:

Terrence Howard DJing for Eva Longoria
Jul 07 2008
5:53 pm

Terrence Howard Making Beautiful for the Ladies

Finally, it’s “Love Makes You Beautiful,” the first song from Terrence Howard’s long-talked about album, Shine Through It. I should be clear, I’m not sure if this is the single, more like.. the first sounds I’ve heard so far.
Your first response might be to pounce all over it for the shocking awfulness, it’s what I was about to do. But close your eyes and try to imagine the song was recorded by someone you don’t know, yet this guy has the look and is hyped as the newest neo-soul kid on the block.
Not even new.. think of it as Maxwell’s comeback joint.

Would you still drag it to the trash can? Maybe you like it as is.

A link to the song sample here:

Love Makes You Beautiful

now i love terrence howard like the next woman, but he should truly stick to singing in my opinion. this ... singing, if that's what he's calling it - i'm not feeling it. AT ALL.
10th-Jul-2008 11:04 am(no subject)
[default] ;; and i love you

:: comment, i greatly appreciate it
:: credit - sincerely_jane or spattergroit; i'm not picky
:: hotlinking is a no-no
:: friend the journal to keep yourself updated
:: affiliate?
:: please let me know if you're nominating any icons! ty!
:: textless icons are NOT bases

04 - terrence and jhud at the bet awards
03 - jennifer hudson
10 - terrence howard
08 - vogue:italia, presents toccara
04 - toccara banners

(can all be found here)
2nd-Jun-2008 12:40 pm - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
NYY [sunset]
I took some pictures yesterday at the stage door of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. If you are in the city and have time to see this play I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. Terrence is INDCREDIBLE. It's only showing through June 22nd so hurry! :)

More under the fake cut.

(I'm a fake cut)

1st-Mar-2008 05:02 pm - officialy open for business!
EALY ;; beautiful smile
all right, so i was fighting opening this community for a really long time but now, i'm ready to admit that i will never stop loving this man, no matter how much he makes me crazy.

he's beautiful and talented and that's just the facts. so ... start pimping and getting members to join. any and everything can be posted here as long as it's centered on the beautiful terrence howard. thankfully, he makes a film a month (lol) so we could update daily!

i intend on being as active as i can. thanks for the patience! happy posting!
9th-Jul-2007 04:19 pm - AFFILIATES
EALY ;; beautiful smile
listCollapse )

If you would like to affiliate, please ask here.
8th-Jul-2007 01:38 pm - bienvenue, fans!
EALY ;; beautiful smile
welcome to thoward_daily, the first fan communit on livejournal dedicated to the talented actor terrence howard.

i must say, i was very surprised to find out there were no communities for the actor alone so i decided to make one on my own.

all sorts of terrence fans are welcome here. enjoy yourselves and have fun posting!
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